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During the development phase of my website changes in format or content will be notified here.

As of October 2012 the following changes and additions have been made:

1) HOME PAGE slide show edited and extended to include images from each gallery. The slideshow opens with a series of landscapes and continues to include selected images from each gallery. Captions and descriptions are not added here but are fully included in the galleries concerned.

2) The main additions are:

(a) A VARIETY menu which currently contains some 90 images which do not sit easily in the generic menus. Thumbnails here can be viewed in an easily accessible grid-format which scrolls downpage. There will be more.
(b) A separate menu ARNSIDE documenting a walk in the area.

3) Additions have been made to ROCK CLIMBING, JAZZ and URBAN-MANCHESTER. More to be added as appropriate. JAZZ in particular will be extended to include ongoing gig and concert images.

4) LANDSCAPE is a potentially endless field and needs the deletion of images to accommodate others.


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