Behind the eye: the doors of perception

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First, a warm welcome to my website, at an age (73) at time of inception which is a little late in the day. The first question I (or my wife and assorted kids!) should ask - Is this to be a 'vanity' (or legacy) site OR a selling site? Since there's a lot of work to be done - as well as a busy summer break - this will be decided after I receive feedback from contacts I already have. If you have an opinion, please use my e-mail address -

All of the images in this Home Page slideshow can be found in the menus with captions (and, in most cases, with additional description) Forgive the lack of captions here but I find them distracting in this initial slideshow. Each menu carries an introduction which may suggest, without openly stating, a 'rationale'.


Visual information is everywhere and everyone takes photographs. I do, have done for a long time. I have been invisible but have been encouraged by some who have my work and also take heart from the wonderful book by Robert Flynn Johnson 'Anonymous' so that here, in a small way, anon has a name. When I find time there will be an 'About me' and a 'Seeing things' menu where I want to examine different approaches to photography I've encountered through books, journals, exhibitions of the masters of the art and/or craft.


A left click on images will enlarge except on the initial slide show but will enlarge the text. In all the menus you can further enlarge images by using the PAGE/ZOOM function on your computer to find the best fit for your screen.